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  • Debbie Green: I wonder how appropriate it is for us to feel we can teach researchers how to teach if they are...
  • StevenB: The challenge of which you speak is, I expect, a challenge beyond what might be accomplished with a change...
  • Richard: It’s more worrying to me that there are professors at all our institutions who are teaching students...
  • Garrett: An exquisitely framed approach to a common problem. Brilliant. As opposed to “you can do this”...
  • StevenB: Perhaps some do. I know of faculty who worked in shared offices who were productive researchers and got...

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Creative Commons License
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Archive for July, 2012

Blending The Physical And Virtual For One Much Better Library Experience

Virtual libraries, for many community members, offer the best library experience. With access to vast amounts of content from the desktop, from any distance, supplemented by virtual support, online self-service transactions and extensive help documentation and tutorials, it’s no surprise to hear a community member say “I love my library. I never have to go […]