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  • Becky: I agree with Richard: I love the idea of cultivating loyalty in our most passionate users / delivering...
  • Richard: “they can convince coffee lovers to become purists who can tell the difference between obscure flavors...
  • David Bigwood: In many stores, Walmart for instance, the store greeter is not there to provide assistance. Often they...
  • StevenB: The challenge of which you speak is, I expect, a challenge beyond what might be accomplished with a change...
  • Richard: It’s more worrying to me that there are professors at all our institutions who are teaching students...

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Archive for August, 2009

MIT’s Special Report On Design Thinking

“Hard skills from a soft science” is the tagline that the MIT Sloan Management Review gives to the special design thinking report that is found in the July 2009 issue. Unfortunately only subscribers can access the full-text articles online, but I was able to access all of them through my library’s ProQuest ABI/Inform database. It [...]

Libraries Can Learn From WoW Providers

I thought the “WoW” experience was something that librarians could integrate into the design and development of the UX plan for their libraries. No doubt it is a challenge to figure out how to create something worthy of a WoW in the library. Experts will point to Seattle’s Pike Place Fish Market as an example [...]

What’s Your EBS?

Perhaps you’ve read one of these books: When Fish Fly, The Starbucks Experience or The New Gold Standard. If you have you have probably obtained a few new ideas about designing a user experience for your library. One thing that you’ll learn from all of these books that is highly relevant to libraries is that [...]