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Creative Commons License
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Archive for June, 2009

Reynolds 5 Steps To Thinking Like A Designer

If you are familiar with the Presentation Zen blog and book you probably recognize the name Garr Reynolds. I don’t have the name of the presentation, but I recently watched a video of Reynolds giving a presentation in Sweden. At first I was just interested in an opportunity to watch Reynolds give a presentation. I […]

Deep Dive, Maya Design And Librarian-UX Connections

When I want to share and explain the concepts of design thinking with an audience of librarians I often make use of the video “The Deep Dive.” It was originally an episode of Nightline shown in 1991, and it profiles the firm IDEO. In the program the IDEO folks are charged with redesigning a supermarket […]

Who is in charge of the atmosphere?

I happened upon The Royal Oak, a quaint bar nestled beside a Starbucks and a movie theatre in the suburbs of Atlanta The food was just ok, but the thing that struck me was this statement on their menu: “A pub is a state of mind, and that alone sets it apart from any other […]

UX: Strategy, Flow & Affordance

Were you aware that visitors to your library web site formulate their impressions of your site in the first 50 milliseconds of their visit. For those of us less familiar with the metric system that’s 0.05 seconds. In other words – very, very fast. Chances are it doesn’t take them much longer to react to […]