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Creative Commons License
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Archive for January, 2009

A Well Designed Meal Results In An Excellent (learning) Experience

I’m hardly a gastronome. I’ll eat just about anything, and I’m happy with simple foods – anything from mac & cheese from the box to a grilled piece of fish tossed from the skillet to the plate. But at the ALA Midwinter Convention in Denver a vendor invited me to dinner. I could hardly decline […]

Quotes Worthy Of A Mention

Imagining The Future Through Design Thinking Arnold Wasserman, runs The Idea Factory in Singapore. I came across this interesting quote from Wasserman, and wanted to share it with you: Central to design thinking is designers’ unique ability to bring imagined futures to life in the here and now. Most people think about the future as […]

People Don’t Go To Libraries For Information…They Go There Because…

What do libraries really offer? It’s an important question to ask because the answer helps to determine what the library’s core business is. And in seeking the answer we need to think less about the goods, services and content libraries provide, and to focus instead on the value that our user communities derive from the […]