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Creative Commons License
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Archive for October, 2008

Instead Of Picking Model A Or Model B Create Model C

To gain some additional perspectives on design thinking take a look at this video interview with Roger Martin, Dean of the Rotman Business School at the University of Toronto. In the video Rotman answers questions about integrative thinking, which is a term Martin uses to describe design thinking. I’ve written about Martin before, especially in […]

Library User Experiences Are About More Than the Website And Building

It’s always good to come across projects involving libraries that may provide good examples of the benefits of design thinking for better library user experiences. Michael Magoolaghan, an information architect with the Vanguard Group, writes that he first got involved in a library experience design project when as a trustee for a small public library […]

Design Thinking Goes Mainstream

If a high profile article in the New York Times is a sign of mainstream acceptance of an idea, than design thinking just went mainstream. In an article titled “Design is More Than Packaging” author Janet Rae-Dupree writes: Properly used, design thinking can weave together elements of demographics, research, environmental factors, psychology, anthropology and sociology […]

Better Sleep On That

One of the roadblocks to designing better libraries can be our inability to creatively explore ways to achieve goals in non-traditional ways – or with radically different ideas. As past research has shown, as decision makers and idea generators we humans tend to rely on methods that have worked well for us in the past. […]

Latest IN (Inside Innovation) Now Available

The latest edition of BusinessWeek magazine’s design and innovation supplement, IN – Inside Innovation, is now available online. The focus is quite timely – how can America use “innovations economics” to restore and achieve sustainable global competitiveness. Despite nearly $5 trillion dedicated to research and development since 2000 the country is experiencing economic stagnation. Of […]