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Creative Commons License
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Archive for December, 2007

Find Your Inner Creativity With Thinkertoys

It’s not too difficult to come across posts or comments to posts at other librarian blogs where there is a good deal of whining about the inadequacies of an LIS education. The number one complaint is something along the lines of “I didn’t learn anything.” Well, that’s unfortunate, but my reaction is “Were you listening […]

Designing Better Libraries For The Dream Economy

A new economic era is on the rise. Call it the Dream Economy. Will libraries be ready for it? Actually, I have no idea if the Dream Economy is upon us, but it does offer some interesting perspectives about changing consumer expectations, and how a service organization like a library could use this knowledge to […]

Guerilla Innovations – Lessons Learned from NEASIS&T

After a necessary break from blogging, I’m back and I’d like to share with you the experience I had as a presenter at NEASIS&T’s exciting program, From Guerilla Innovation to Institutional Transformation: Information Professionals as Change Agents. The talk featured John Blyberg, Jessamyn West, and myself. Though my summary is a bit overdue (the program […]