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Creative Commons License
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Archive for November, 2007

Here’s Another Design Thinking Video For You

A few weeks ago I was a guest of the Soaring to Excellence program. For those of you unfamiliar with Soaring to Excellence, it is a national library teleconference program to which many state library systems subscribe. Many thousands of librarians tune into the three programs that are held each year. This year the program […]

The Latest “IN” Is Now Out

IN, otherwise known as Inside Innovation, is a regular supplement included with BusinessWeek. It is a good source for keeping up with recent trends in design and companies that use design thinking for competitive advantage. The November 2007 edition of IN is included in the November 26, 2007 issue of Businessweek, but it is also […]

Libraries Need To Deliver The Wow Factor

Do libraries, particularly academic libraries, have loyal customers? Do our library users come back again and again to use the library building, and if so, why? In every academic library I’ve worked in I’ve gotten to know the regulars, and beyond that are students and faculty you see again and again – if not frequently […]

InformeDesign – A Designer’s Database

Many thanks to DBL reader Marc Gartler, Harrington College of Design, for contacting me to share a new design resource – well new to me at least. Marc pointed me to InformeDesign, which I would describe as a database of article on a spectrum of design topics. A good number of the articles are going […]

I Wondered When I’d See This

Since its inception in February 2007, Designing Better Libraries has pretty much been a lone voice in the library blogosphere – or the profession itself - when it comes to discussing design thinking – and pretty much anything about design in any sense other than what it has traditionally been for librarians – designing buildings and […]